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Troop 29
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About Warrant Officers

Warrant officers are selected by the Senior Patrol leader in consultation with his Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders. Scouts interested in holding a Warrant Officer position make application to the incoming SPL through an interview process which helps the potential candidate understand the requirements and time commitment of the position.

Warrant Officer Tools
Troop 29 Roles and Responsibilities (600MB)

Position Title Position Holder Useful Information
Troop Guide: Tyler & Rian

Troop Guide Position Description
Weekend Packing List (t29)
Troop Guide Notebook
FYFC Tracking Sheet
Earning Scout Rank Handout (t29)
Golden Spoon Scoresheet

Scribe: Tim S.

Troop Scribe Position Description
PLC Meeting Minutes Template

Troop Librarian Position Description
DRAFT - Librarians Handbook
Merit Badge Workbooks & Worksheets online
Historian:Nicholas F.

Troop Historian Position Description
Chaplains Aid: Jeremiah R.

Troop Chaplains Aid Position Description
Chaplains Aid - Big Book Scout Services (700MB)
Reverence (34248)
Duty to God Program (512-879)
Philmont Trail Worship Guide (522-877)
Seabase Worship Guide (05-850)
Northern Tier Worship Guide (05-878)

Quartermaster:Aidan H.

Troop Quartermaster Position Description
DRAFT - Quartermasters handbook
Outdoor Ethics Guide:OPEN

Outdoor Ethics Guide Notebook
Den Chiefs:OPEN

Den Chief Position Description
O/A Representative:OPEN

Order of the Arrow Position Description
About the OA & Elections
Brotherhood Study Guide

About the PLC

Troop 29 elects scout leaders for six month terms. Supported by our adult leaders, these scouts are responsible for every aspect of the Troop 29 program and activities during their term of office. The scouts elected as leaders are generally among the more experienced Troop 29 has available. As a boy led troop we strive to allow these boys the opportunity to demonstrate the leadership skills they have been acquiring since joining Boy Scouts. Being on the PLC is an opportunity to put into practice the vision of Boy Scouting; to build leaders capable of making moral decisions.

Being elected is an honor.

With Honor comes responsibility.