Scouts BSA

Troop 29

Standing Patrol's

Each patrol in Troop 29 is encouraged to give their patrol a unique name, create their own cheer / yell, and to creat their own patrol flag. Additionally, we offer patrols space on the web to post their patrol information and whatever scout worthy message they may develop.

Da Bears

Da Bears Patrol Patch
Cheer: Da good, da bad, daBears!


Thunderbird Patrol
Cheer: KA-KAW, KA-KAW, KA-KAW! (Patrol flaps toward one another) Leader: KA-POW (as Thunderbirds assemble in a circle)

Wise Guys

Wise Guys Patrol
Cheer: We are wise...we are wise, wise, guys!

Banana Turtles

Banana Turtle Patrol
Cheer: Banananananananana Turtles! (Batman Theme)

Barking Beavers

Barking Beaver Patrol
Cheer: Oh no, Its the barking beavers! Chomp chomp chomp timberrrrrr.

Patrol Patches

While there are a number of standard patrol patches offerd by the BSA our patrols are allowed to get creative and develop their own unique patch provided it is an animal.