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Troop 29 is committed to offering it's older scouts opportunities beyond traditional camping and guaranteed to offer them the personal challenges they are seeking. Each year we strive to offer one 'Regional' High adventure activity, and one 'National' High adventure trip. Adventure activities vary based on scout interest, but we try to rotate between the BSA National camps taking each in sequence. Philmont Hiking

Philmont 2020

Hitch 'em up and hike 'em out!

Trekking . . .in the Rockies. . . across the back country . . . in high mountain meadows bustling with wildflowers . . . by sparkling silver streams wandering through cool green glens . . . on red stone ridges cutting cobalt blue skies!

Philmont . . .Scouting's paradise . . . 215 square miles of rugged wilderness in New Mexico's Sangre de Cristo range of the Rocky Mountains.

Each year, tens of thousands of Scouts from all over the nation discover the experience is an opportunity of a lifetime. Many will say years later . . . Philmont changed my life!

Hiking siloette There is much to Philmont. But when most people hear the name, one thing comes to mind: backpacking. The backpacking treks are a part of Philmont's High Adventure Programs, and Philmont offers a wide variety of them. Each program brings with it a different set of challenges and requirements.

No two days are alike; no two treks are ever the same; yet the memories of those who have gone are always the same . . .
"I want to go back!"

While Philmont promises to be a pinnacle of the Scouting High Adventure, there are some significant physical exertions and challenges. Be sure you meet the requirements:

Required health forms for Philmont Camping Participants can be downloaded here: (Note: this is the most current BSA health form. Please pay particular attention to restrictions listed in the chart at the end.)

Start preparing for Philmont! Get to Philmont in top physical and mental condition, ready for carrying a 35- to 50-pound pack over steep, rugged trails at high elevations (6,500 to 12,500 feet). The currently suggested summer packing list is posted here: Exercise right up to the day you depart for Philmont!

"These properties are donated and dedicated to the Boy Scouts of America for the purpose of perpetuating faith -- self reliance -- integrity -- freedom. Principles used to build this great country by the American pioneer so that these future citizens may through thoughtful adult guidance and by the inspiration of nature visualize and form a code of living to diligently maintain these high ideals and our proper destiny."

Waite Phillips, on donating the Philmont land to the BSA, December 31, 1941

"The Scoutmaster teaches boys to play the game by doing so himself."
-- Sir Robert Baden-Powell
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Philmont Blessing

For food, for raiment
For life, for opportunity
For friendship and fellowship
We thank thee, O Lord.
Philmont Cow Brand

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Sea Base Blessing

Bless the creatures of the Sea
Bless this person I call me
Bless the Keys you made so grand
Bless the sun that warms the land
Bless the fellowship we feel
as we gather for this meal